About Us

With the onslaught of knock-off tank products claiming to be KangerTech products, or of being just as good as KangerTech products, KangerTech has decided to set the bar even higher.  KangerTech has always held its quality to the highest standards, and in doing created a quality that is not easily duplicated.  As such, KangerTech is issuing an extension of warranty on all of its current tank models.   Genuine KangerTech Protank 2, Protank 2 Mini, Protank 3, and AeroTank quality is of such high standard, that KangerTech is now warranting the glass tanks of manufacturer defect for one (1) year, all and the o-rings for life.  As well, KangerTech will be replacing any DOA coils.

In an effort to not overwhelm vendors, KangerTech already open a  service center in Norcoss, GA.  This service center is available to handle any warranty issues for genuine KangerTech products.